Introducing The Waist Training Starter Kit by Corset Connection

November 13th, 2013 | thecorse_admin

Waist Training Starter Kit by Corset Connection

Beginning Waist Training


What Is Waist Training?
Corset Waist Training is not a new concept; it has been practiced in various forms for well over a century. It has become even more popular recently due to some interesting publicity surrounding Jessica Alba and her determination to lose her “pregnancy belly” whilst wearing a “double corset” (which turns out was her wearing two girdles) – but the concept is the same: If you keep your skin taught while you are losing weight there is less stretching and therefore fewer stretch marks and firmer skin will result.
Weight loss is often the goal for those of us who are committed to, or looking to wear a corset on a daily basis. The corset will act in a similar manner to “stomach stapling/banding” procedures, and reduce the ability to comfortably over-eat by putting pressure on the stomach, and causing one to feel full quite quickly.

Which Corset Styles Are Recommended
At Corset Connection, we like to recommend our under-the-bust style corsets for daily wear or corset training. We have a wide variety of underbust styles in many different fabric options. From off-the-rack standard sizing, to completely custom fitted corset patterns – we have hundreds of corsets in various styles to choose from. Your specific figure will determine which style(s) will be best for your body and training purposes.
In hopes of combining bra and corset, many are tempted to purchase an overbust corset style (one that goes over the breasts) to avoid the need to wear a separate bra. We do not recommend this, as over-the-bust styles are very restrictive and can make daily tasks such as driving, bending, lifting, and even basic twisting movements very difficult (and possibly unsafe).
Our Brand New “Waist Training Starter Kit” is perfect for most beginners, and can be customized as needed. It includes two corsets (one for daily wear and one for night wear) and two corset liners and starts at an incredible price of only $239.99. (Customization charges will be added as required.)
How Many Corsets Do I Need?
You will also want to start out with at least two corsets, and ideally add a third as soon as possible. We do not recommend ordering three at once, as you will not be certain which styles/shapes fit you most comfortably until you have actually worn a corset for a few weeks. One corset will be worn during the daytime, and your shorter “cincher” style corset will be ideal for nights. Sleeping in a corset may take a little while to get used to, so do not be discouraged if you wake after only an hour or so the first few times you wear your corset to bed. When you remove your daytime corset, be sure to spray it lightly with a fabric refresher like “Febreze”, and then hang it by the laces over a tubular hanger to air out overnight. After wearing your new corsets for a few weeks, you can decide if perhaps the expense of a custom fitted corset will be necessary.
Seasoned corseters will tell you emphatically that you must tightlace with a custom fitted corset – and for many figures this is absolutely true, while for others a standard sized corset will work very nicely (and it will be more affordable!).  Our corset fitting specialists will help you to make the selections that are best for you, via phone, email, or even by video chat for a Private Fitting Consultation.


How Often Should I Wear My New Corset?
Any new steel boned corset will need to be broken in slowly. You should not wear your new corset(s)for more than an hour or two the first time you put it on, and in these first few hours you should plan to wear it snugly but NOT tightly laced. The fabric and the steel bones will all gently mold to your figure by wearing your new corsets for just these few hours for the first week or so after receiving it. Once your corset has been broken in, and you find that you can wear it comfortably for 2-3 hours, and then you can start to set your goals for waist reduction. If you have a second corset for night wear be certain to break it in just as you are with your first corset, for a few hours each day before attempting to sleep in it.
Your first goals should be reasonable and not cause you to get discouraged and possibly quit. Because you have only been wearing your new corset for a few hours each day, we advise that you add one hour per day to your current schedule, until you are up to an 8 hour day of comfortable corset wearing, and then start adding a few hours each night. The eventual goal is to be wearing your corset for 20-23 hours per day – and this will take at least 3-4 weeks if you do it slowly and consistently.

It is also important to remember that the length of time that you wear your corset makes more difference than how tightly you cinch your waist in. It tends to be more effective to be comfortable and wear your corset for longer periods of time than to cinch it too tightly and have to take it off sooner.

Why Should I Wear A Corset Liner?
All authentic steel boned corsets should be dry cleaned, and never washed in soap and water. Water will damage the fabric, and will also alter the shaping to your figure that you have been working at diligently. Corset liners are designed to fit snugly under your corset for comfort and protection. Using liners will prolong the life of your corsets by protecting them from perspiration, body odors and oils. Your corsets will stay cleaner for longer, and require less cleaning. Your skin will also benefit from the added layer of feather-light cotton blend fabric, and your corset will feel even more comfortable.

What if I Read Something Entirely Different Somewhere Else?
Daily corset wear is not an exact science – and just like with a doctors diagnosis you should always gather information from a variety of sources. We refer to this as “getting a second opinion” – and encourage you to read as much information as you can find, as well as questioning anything that doesn’t fit well for you and your goals.  The only true advice we will offer is “if it hurts, then don’t wear it”.  A terrific source of up-to-date and extensive information can be found on and Lucy’s amazing YouTube videos. [link to her page]